“If anyone doubts the Center for Biological Diversity willfully lied, all you have to do is read the jury’s verdict and the Arizona Court of Appeals decision.” – Jim Chilton

Jim Chilton’s historic ranch is located west of Nogales Arizona on the international boundary where cattle have grazed for more than 300 years. He utilizes the best scientific grazing methods developed by the University of Arizona and New Mexico State University agricultural experts to provide exceptional stewardship of his land. This light-to-moderate grazing used on the Chilton Ranch and most of the ranches in Southeastern Arizona is documented in scholarly publications by Dr. Jerry Holecheck – one of the world’s foremost leaders in grazing science – of New Mexico State University to be beneficial to the plant and animal diversity of the region.

Despite Mr. Chilton and his family’s dedication to conserving their lands and the federal lands they lease, he found himself “subject to the dark side of the environmental movement,” as he put it.

“I’ve been up against the Center for Biological Diversity and other radical environmental organizations,” said Chilton. “Their vehement opposition, in my opinion, to the productive planning job creation and development means they are willing to lie and misrepresent since they appear to believe their glorious end justifies their means. The center attacked me and my ranch upon learning that a minnow, the Sonoran chub, had swam under the international boundary. The center used lies and misrepresentations to try to prevent grazing on about 10,000 acres of my ranch.”

Chilton sued the Center for libel and defamation and won.

“Every day is earth day for this cowboy,” Chilton continued. “I was so angry about their baseless claims I filed a lawsuit against the center for libel and slander. A jury of my peers found in my favor and awarded $100,000 damages and $500,00 punitive damages. If anyone doubts the center for biological diversity willfully lied, all you have to do is read the jury’s verdict and the Arizona court of appeals decision.”

Chilton summed up his comments at the end of his speech.

“The Southwestern Communities Coalition advocates for conservation stewardship, economic development and focuses on job creation and I am excited to be a part of it.”