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What We're About

Our Mission

The mission of the Southwestern Communities Coalition is to promote thriving communities, sustainable growth, a strong economy, sound stewardship of natural resources and protection of property rights.

All of the factors the SWCC is dedicated to promote are interdependent and work together. Thriving communities rely on the sustained growth of a strong economy, judicious stewardship of natural resources and protection of property rights. The continued well-being of the Southwest’s citizens, economy and natural resources depends on healthy communities to sustain them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create thriving communities that provide a bright and sustainable future for our families and the Southwestern landscape

Bringing responsible development, who cares in every way and touches every aspect of our environment, will be amazing. It includes jobs and the future of Benson and Cochise county, which as of now, is losing population. That means they are taking our children’s dreams away of coming back to live where they grew up because of the selfishness from groups outside of the area that believe that they know what's right for us. Please don’t allow this to happen. It’s time to stand up and fight for the future of our children and our grandchildren’s right to have the same privilege as we have had; to grow their families in a beautiful safe place and carry forward for many generations to come.”

Toney King
Mayor of Benson

What We Stand For

  • Environmentally sensitive land use and planned community growth
  • Responsible use of our natural resources
  • The creation of thriving, sustainable communities founded on cutting-edge technologies
  • A commitment to continuous economic and educational opportunities to enhance the lives of people in our communities and provide a future for our children
  • The future of Small Town America
  • Integrity. Responsibility. Respect.


Arizona/New Mexico Coalition of Counties