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Property Rights


of healthy communities, economies and
sound stewardship of natural resources

Property rights support and reinforce human well-being and environmental conservation. Despite the core American value of property rights, fake environmental groups are bent on destroying property rights through lawsuits. These groups are waging a war of attrition that will sadly do enormous harm to the environment and stewardship of natural resources. America’s true Stewards are private, working landowners who own more than 1.2 billion acres of farms, ranches and forests. Making life more difficult for working landowners — and even putting them out of business — does incredible harm to property rights as well as the social and ecological fabric of this country. If these groups were serious about protecting the environment, they would welcome the use of property rights to acquire land and water.

In Response

The Southwestern Communities Coalition makes no apologies and pledges to fight for the rights of citizens to protect their property from devaluation and outright theft by phony environment groups that callously disregard this core American value.

The Southwestern Communities Coalition stands shoulder to shoulder with true stewards of natural resources, with homeowners, and with all those who want to protect their property rights from infringement by fake environmental groups.