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Join the Coalition

The Southwestern Communities Coalition supports the planned growth of cities, counties and communities in the Southwestern United States which embrace the region’s abundant resources. We advocate on behalf of ranchers, miners, vintners, business owners, military families, tourism and hospitality businesses, energy producers and others who depend on the American Southwest.

By joining the coalition, you’ll help strengthen our region’s struggling economy to ensure a prosperous future for Southwestern families for centuries to come. Join the hundreds of founding members of the Southwestern Communities Coalition, which emphatically supports:

  • Environmentally sensitive land use and planned community growth

  • Responsible use of our natural resources, including human resources

  • Stewardship of the Southwest’s land, water and wildlife

  • The creation of thriving, sustainable communities founded on cutting-edge technologies

  • A commitment to continuous economic and educational opportunities to enhance the lives of our families and provide a future for our children

  • The protection of inalienable property rights

  • The future of Small Town America

  • Honesty. Integrity. Responsibility. Respect.