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Many rural communities and even some metropolitan areas of the Southwestern United States have seen their economies stagnate over the past few decades. In these areas, recovery from the recession has been slow, which limits economic opportunities for families and forces talented young adults to leave their families and communities to seek employment elsewhere.

The Southwestern Communities Coalition takes this situation very seriously. We are committed to supporting job creation and economic opportunities for communities, individuals and families within the region. Through these efforts we hope to retain more of our younger generations, keeping families together and enhancing life for everyone throughout our communities.


Using litigation as a weapon, and driven by an extreme commitment to a radical agenda, fake environmental organizations have placed a stranglehold on many key industries within the Southwest. Industries such as ranching, farming, mining and wine-making, as well as manufacturing, defense and various other private businesses are vital to the economic success of the region as a whole. More importantly, pressure placed on these industries through malicious lawsuits brought by these groups cause real-world harm to families who depend upon them. Such lawsuits often result in family separation, the loss of homes, savings, property values and more.

The Southwestern Communities Coalition is working to help our communities push back against these radical groups, and to build strong, stable and sustainable economies which will support families and communities throughout the region.


Not even tourism is an acceptable economic endeavor according to these radical environmentalist groups. Because of their actions, suffocating regulations recently have been put in place which have greatly diminished the region’s ability to share its beauty and culture with the world.

By placing enormous restrictions on thoughtful, sustainable planned development, these regulations, and the groups which champion them, have cut the legs out from under countless small-business owners and working-class families.

The Southwestern Communities Coalition encourages a revision of these regulations in order to provide common-sense protection for our environment while allowing the tourism industry – and the families it supports – to thrive in the Southwest.