“I’ve got three daughters that left Sierra Vista because they couldn’t find jobs here.” – Daniel Valle, Director, Sierra Vista Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Daniel Valle was in attendance at the Southwestern Communities Coalition Kickoff Event as one of hundreds of concerned Americans who value property rights, sound environmental stewardship and a common-sense approach to planned, economic development in the Southwestern United States. We asked him to share some of his thoughts on those topics.

“I think that’s the challenge that we all face with our younger generation, that we’re not generating sufficient business space to be able to employ them,” said Valle when asked what some of the challenges he and others face in the Southwest. “One of the biggest challenges we all have is to grow our business opportunities.”

When asked who is best equipped to handle economic growth and environmental stewardship, Valle pointed to those who live in the region.

“I think it’s fair to say we who live here, we know what the solutions are. And I think that’s one of the strong things I like about this new coalition that brings all of us together to try and solve problems collectively.”

“We are all conscious of the environment,” Valle continued. “We, of course, are pro-business, but we also believe there is a balance between business and the environment. We can do both. We like our communities to thrive. We like our business owners to thrive. And the only way we can do that is to figure out a way that we can make them succeed. If you work together and collaborate, you can make good things happen.”